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The Agency

Beauty PR Raacke is a personal, owner-managed PR agency specialising in the beauty sector. I incorporate my experience as a PR consultant in well-known PR agencies and the cosmetics industry into my daily work. Founded in 1996, Beauty PR Raacke has been supporting well-known international skin and hair care brands ever since.

I like to look after my clients personally from the very first contact. A network of competent partners is available in the background and supports me, allowing me to offer you the entire spectrum of professional PR services and Social Media activities.

Since the beginning, excellent contacts with editors in the trade and women's beauty press have been developed. Furthermore, very intense contacts to lifestyle- and beauty-bloggers have assimilated over the past few years as well. All contacts are of daily benefit to my clients. This concerns Germany as well as Austria.

The world of media, my passion for crafting texts, the continuous exchange at the cutting edge as well as collaborations with professional editors as with passionate bloggers – all that motivates me and gives me new ideas to work for big brands as well as for small innovative brands, to make them famous or more famous.

Claudia Raacke

Five good reasons to opt for Beauty PR Raacke

  • Experience

    1. Experience

    Competence and experience from more than 15 years as a PR-agent– and this after a time rich of experience in the cosmetics industry and with well-known PR agencies.

  • Contacts

    2. Contacts

    2. Excellent contacts with beauty editors in the trade and women's beauty press as well as to numerous lifestyle- and beauty blogs.

  • Owner-managed

    3. Owner-managed

    3. Personal, owner-managed agency - from the initial contact, advice and creation of texts to the organisation of your press events, you only ever have one contact person.

  • Overall communication

    4. Overall communication

    4. The entire service spectrum of professional PR work and social media relations offered through a network of competent partners operating in the background.

  • References

    5. References

    5. Numerous references from well-known international skin and hair care brands.

  • Farbe

Public Relations

Your world revolves around beauty? Then your PR texts should look great as well!

You develop sales strategies aimed at your target groups? – the agency ensures that your products appear in editorials in the trade and women's press, thereby coming to the attention of consumers, professionally written press releases containing relevant, interesting and engaging information with meaningful product photos – Beauty PR Raacke knows what attracts editors. The result is reflected in the monthly press review – it will convince you!

Daily contact with editors and regular visits to editorial teams, crafting interesting press releases and organising well attended press events are the focus of my work. You want your brands to be communicated to and through the media? Then Beauty PR Raacke is your reliable, experienced contact for beauty editors.

Blogger Relations & Social Media

You are an open and communicative company? – then these ways of communication are a contemporary must-have!

The spectrum of social media activities is indispensable for your concept of total communication. Most of the companies want to be active here – you, too? We are experienced in this area and are mastering the game rules!

Those believing that you can simply shower bloggers with products to get positive, extensive posts and reviews, will surely gather experiences very quickly – but unfortunately only how to become disliked. Rely on our experiences: the best choice of blogs, the personal address, and especially the respect for the bloggers' performance are my way to successful blogger relations. Unbelievably kind comments of bloggers confirm that this way is the right one!

Those who want to be present on facebook, Instagram a.o., they should know the rules, know how to cause traffic and first of all speak the language of the followers. On these channels I rely on the experts beside me, who are at home in this world. Profit from this possibility and let you present from insiders!


Overview about some beauty brands, for which Beauty PR Raacke was or still is busy. Don't hesitate to contact me for the current portfolio.
  • Alterna Haircare
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Biodroga
  • Colour Freedom
  • Gold Haircare
  • Hask
  • Kevin.Murphy
  • Montagne Jeunesse
  • Humble Brush
  • p2 cosmetics
  • Redken
  • Pureplex

If you want to know, which PR and social media activities are the best for you, please don't hesitate to contact me! You simply tell me what you are planning, and I will develop an individual offer for you!


You are looking for a professional PR agency with experience in the beauty sector? Then I would be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Hoping to speak with you soon!

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